About Us

Air Galore offers car and bicycle rentals at seven airports.

We offer flight instruction, everything from primary up through commercial, and ATP, also flight instructor.

We instruct private through ATP.

We can assist in buying and selling aircraft, please also consider checking out our Blue Skies flying club.

We offer overnight hangar space at LHM.


Fly in, get the car, see Mendocino. Wonderful!

Air Galore car rental was great! Just text and set up the car before you get there. The car was very nice and ran perfect.

Fly in, get the car, see Mendocino. Wonderful!


Air Galore is a great FBO at Little River Airport

Air Galore is a great FBO at Little River Airport. Susan and Mary Helped us with a rental car and suggestions for things to see and do In Mendocino. It’s a great get away destination. Self serve Fuel works great at reasonable prices. They also rent bicycles if you prefer.

Kevin C.

Mary at Air Galore is Outstanding

Mary at Air Galore is outstanding. I set up a rental car in advance via phone, email, and text; and it was waiting for me with the key in a lockbox, as promised. When I left, I realized at my next destination that I had left my wallet in the car. Mary picked it up for me and sent it FedEx to meet me at a hotel in Washington State. I can’t thank her enough! If you want to fly into Mendocino, Air Galore is the way to go for sure.

Eric R.

Flew in for the day

Flew in for the day. Called Air Galore for car rental the day before. Was easy to arrange and procure. Airport very quiet for a beautiful Sunday, almost no one around. Great walks, food and history in Mendo town. Wineries down RT128 for my pax. Will return again for sure.


Come visit one of California’s friendliest airports

Great Airport that now has a rental car (rentals by Mary of Air Galore 707-972-4498). There also are some local drivers that will give people a ride to Grass Valley or Nevada City for 10 bucks each way. 100ll self serve and truck are available as well as a Jet A truck (only). This airport is not particularly difficult to land at. Most folks land and depart RWY 25. Night landings are normally on RWY 7. Come visit one of California’s friendliest airports and enjoy the historic towns of Nevada City and Grass Valley.

Michal T.


Our Mission & Vision

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